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1971 Cutlass Supreme SX

1971 Cutlass Supreme SX Hooniverse

1971 Cutlass Supreme SX & Parts for Sale.

The Cutlass Supreme was a medium size care and was the first in its class. It was more popular then the other Cutlass cars and is still today. These vehicles were made from 1966 to 1997.

The 1971 Cutlass Supreme SX is the most popular of them all and the one most looked for by collectors.
The XS was a choice given that includes the Rocket V8 engine and a 442 rear bumper.
On this page you will find many to choose from besides parts.

1971 Cutlass Supreme SX CarDomain

Mystery of the Black Car

A Tall Tale of a Black 1971 Cutlass Supreme SX.
There it was again! That black car was parked along side of the road right in front of our home for the third day in a row. No one was around and we checked out the window often to see if we could spot the owner.
There was a park across the road from us and maybe the owner was going there but the park had its own parking place so it was odd to see it here.

Getting busy we forgot to look and sure enough the next time we peeked out the car was gone. It was quite a mystery. Checking with our neighbors didn't relive our curiosity. They didn't know who owned it either...

1971 Cutlass Supreme SX & Parts

Cutlass Supreme SX (all years)

1971 Cutlass Supreme SX


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Upon getting up the next morning the car was there again. Now we were really stumped. What was the owner doing and why leave the car there day after day? My wife and I both work from home so we were able to keep tabs on the car during the day. The day was cool and wasn't to muggy so we had the windows open for fresh air and to better hear if that car started up. While sitting at dinner we hear a car engine and both jumped up in time to see it drive off. We had missed the owner again.

The next morning my wife was up early and was reading in the easy chair beside the window when she heard a car drive up. It was the black car! Watching intently she saw someone climb out and saw that it was a young women. The women carried a bag and headed down the street. At the end of the street near the park was a little creek. She headed that way and disappeared behind some bushes.

When I got up we talked about what she might have been up too and decided to take our own walk to see what we could find out. Heading out we went to the exact spot where the women had disappeared and started looking around. This area was covered with trees and was next to park. The town probably owned the area and kids came to play in the creek and make forts and tree houses.

As we walked through the little wood we noticed that in one of the tree houses someone was sitting. It was the women and she was watching the park through a pair of binoculars. Coming closer she noticed us and quickly replaced the binoculars with a book. We didn't want to bother her so we continued on and acted like we were just out for walk.

Our conclusion is that the women was watching for someone in the park and that she had parked in front of our place because that area was pretty much hidden from the park. Whoever she was spying on must come there often and she was watching for them and didn't want to park where they could see her car.

That was the last day we saw that classic car and it is still a mystery on what she was doing. Maybe we had spooked her by looking around.

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