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1954 Ford

1954 Ford Photo used under Creative Commons from German Medeot 1954 Fords & Parts for Sale.

The 1954 Ford vehicle is really popular and the best ones are on this page for sale including parts.
1954 was a great year and some of the vehicles listed on this site are the Station Wagon, Truck, F100, Victoria, Pickup, Cab, Coupe, Skyliner, Ranchero and just the plain 1954 Ford car.

Henry Ford founded this fine auto company and it is still going strong today. During the Great Recession in 2008 Ford was one of the few auto companies that did not take a government bail out and has long kept itself free from entanglement. It is still a great place to work and build cars. The management does an excellent job of keeping its debt down and uses a common sense budget that places the company on solid ground.

1954 Ford Photo used under Creative Commons from Don O'Brien

A Tall Tale of Saving a Car from Rust

One day while exploring the woods behind an abandoned school that was a couple of miles from my home I came upon an old car sitting there looking pretty among all the junk. This vehicle immediately caught my attention. It was in really good shape and painted a bright red and blue color.

The abandoned school used to be a private high school academy but because of mismanagement it had gotten in such bad disrepair that it was closed. The old buildings were slowly torn down as they declined to the point of not being safe. Also the area attracted local teenagers who came out for the adventure of exploring the old buildings and to add to the fun they make up ghost stories and scary rumors that they spread around the area. The school was getting quite a bad reputation so to prevent further trouble everything was torn down except for one last building and it was slated for demolition soon.

I was determined to buy that car. Knowing the people who owned the school I knew that once a vehicle was added to the abandoned stuff out in the back of the school it would be difficult to get them to sell it. In the meantime it would continue to slowly rust away and sink in the dirt. I needed a good plan to convince them to sell and save that beautiful car.

Turning over many ideas in my mind I went to the head of the school association and told him about the car. He told me that he could not sell the car without others on the board approving too. I was ready and whipped out a paper for him to sign. The paper stated that he was willing to sell the car for so much if it was ok with the others. On this paper I listed all the others on the association with places for them to sign too.

As expected the head guy didn't want to sigh and be the first one to give the go ahead so I told him I would get back and went to the others. All were reluctant to be the first to sign but finally after spending much time with each one I finally got someone to break the ice and sign. This was all that was needed, like a dominion effect the others signed too and the car was mine.

My goal was to rescue it from the junk heap and keep it from slowly moldering into the ground. I didn't have the time and energy to fix it up myself so placed an ad in Craigslist. It wasn't very long before I sold it and made a nice profit. The car was saved and went to a collector and the junk heap behind the school was deprived of one more victim.

1954 Fords, Station Wagon, Truck, F100 and More

1954 Fords (all models)

1954 Ford Station Wagons

1954 Ford Truck

1954 Ford F100


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